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Mountain West Prime

At Mountain West Prime, our mission is to provide the highest level of coaching, mentorship, recruiting exposure, and player development to the top lacrosse players in the Mountain West region. Our goal is to help our players achieve their full potential both on and off the field, and to prepare them for success at the collegiate and professional levels.

We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, both in terms of skill and character. Our coaches are dedicated to instilling a love for the game of lacrosse and a strong work ethic in eah of our players. Through hard work, dedication, and discipline, we aim to develop well-rounded athletes who are leaders on and off the field.

Above all, our mission at Mountain West Prime is to help our players become the best lacrosse players and people they can be. We want our players to have the vision of competing a the collegiate level and dream of one day playing in the PLL or NLL. We are committed to providing players with the tools, resources and support they need to succeed in the sport of lacrosse.

Mountain West Prime Program Directors

Adam Ghitelman

Will Manny

Bubba Fairman

Dave Madeira

Summer 2024 MWP Teams

Mountain West Prime is honored to be accepted into the 2024 Naptown Challenge on June 24-26th, 2024 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Players will compete on Teams for Graduation Years 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030.

Naptown Challenge is highly regarded as the most competitive lacrosse event on the east coast.

Players in Graduation Year 2025-2026 will be evaluated by NCAA Division 1's TOP Programs and Coaches. All Teams will play the best competition in the COUNTRY!

MWP Summer Events

Mountain West Primetime Recruiting Showcase

Recruiting Showcase for Graduation Years 2025-2028. NCAA Coaches, PLL Professionals host the Mountain West's top recruiting showcase.  Players will also be evaluated for Fall/Winter 2025 Elite Teams.

Current Recruiting Staff: Notre Dame, Syracuse University, University of Utah, BYU, Westminster, Utah Valley, Concordia University, and more to be announced.

Date: June 30th - July 1st
Location: The Waterford School


MWP Futures ID Camp & Tryout

Elite Instructional & Evaluation Camp for Graduation Years 2028-2031. NCAA Coaches, PLL Professionals, Former/Current NCAA players will lead an advanced training program for inspired lacrosse players interested in joining the MWP Program. Players will also be evaluated for selection to 2024/25 Mountain West Prime Elite Teams.

Date: July 2nd - July 3rd
Location: The Waterford School

OPEN TO ANY AND ALL PLAYERS Regardless of Club Affiliation.

MWP Inside Look: MWP Team Call 

MWP Program Perks
Elite Coaching Staff, Top-Level Competition, Training Camps/Online Education, Recruiting Exposure, Represent the Mountain West!
*  No Club Affiliation required.

"MWP will provide unparalleled coaching, and serve top talent from the greater region in ways that haven't existed before."

NCAA RECRUITERS at 2023 Mountain West Primetime